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  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Review

    Ring has taken the world by storm with its stand-alone front door security system, and now they have a new one out. So, is the Ring Doorbell 3 any good? Well. Yes and no. No matter what you are told by the company and a mountain of YouTube videos, the setup can be fraught. It […]

  • 1More Sonoflow Headphones Review

    1More got in touch, and they’ve released a new pair of headphones, the Sonoflow. We got sent a pair, I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now and here are my thoughts. The headphones come complete with a protective hard case which is nice. It’s fairly sturdy and has done a good job […]

  • Edifier W240TN Earbud Review

    Edifier is back with a new pair of earbuds, the W240TN (I wished they gave their products easier names) and they sent a pair over to us to take a look. With a retail price of £79.99 here in the UK, I’m classing these as mid-tier buds, there are cheaper, from Edifier and other brands, […]

  • Airpulse A100 Speaker Review

    About a year ago, Airpulse sent over their A80 bookshelf speakers to look at and I was impressed. Now they’ve sent over the A100’s, so I imagine a step up. I only had the A80’s on loan, so I cant do a direct comparison between the two but we can compare features and specifications. Let’s […]

  • Austrian Audio PG16 Gaming Headset Review

    I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Austrian Audio. They’re a relatively new company, derived from members of AKG, and usually makers of pretty high-end audio gear for that audiophile audience out there. But, they wanted a slice of the gaming market, and rightly so. But rather than going ultra-premium, they’ve gone more […]