Fixed: Google Voice Search Not Working on PC

Are you having issues using the voice search feature on Windows? Here, we have explained how to fix Google Voice Search Not Working on PC.

The Google Voice Search feature lets you use the Google search tool using your voice. Rather than type in some text queries, you can speak to your phone or PC mic while looking up stuff on the internet.

You can use the feature by selecting the mic icon on the Google Search page.

One of the usefulness of the feature is the ability to search using hands-free. It can also be used together with Google Assistant app to make search easy.

However, some users have complained about the Google voice search feature not working. It is either not responding slowly or not working at all.

How to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working on PC?

1.      Update Your Settings

To fix Google voice search not working on PC, you need to enable the “Site can ask to use your microphone” option.

To update the option from Google voice settings, launch your Google Chrome browser and select the menu icon from the top right corner. Proceed to Settings and then Privacy & security.

Go to Site Settings and select the Microphone from the Permissions tab. You must choose your default microphone and enable the “Site can ask to use your microphone” option.

Next time you try to use the feature, you will get a notification asking to allow “use your microphone”. Select allow, and it should work fine.

2.      Install Chrome Voice Search Extension

If the Google voice search feature does not work for you, you can add the Chrome Voice Search extension and install it.

The tool works to let you search on Google using your voice. To use it, visit the Voice Search Extension page and select “Add Extension”.

Please wait for the extension to be added and allow it to use your microphone. You can also pin it so you can access it easily.

To search, you need to click on it, say “Hey Google”, and proceed with your search statement.

There are other similar tools you can use. Check the extension page and add the one you need.

3.      Reset Google Settings

If the above steps do not work, you should try resetting your Google settings. To reset Settings on Google, launch your Chrome browser and select the menu icon.

Go to Settings and select the “Reset and clean up” option. Confirm your selection by choosing the “Restore settings to their original defaults”.

You need to know that this option will erase your cookies data and disable all browser extensions. However, all bookmarks, history and saved passwords are intact.


We have explained everything you need to fix the issue on the PC. Kindly follow the steps and let us know how it goes.






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