How To Block YouTube Ads On iPhone (fast method)

Most times, ads are annoying, disturbing, and time wasters. Imagine this situation: you’re watching a video from your favorite channel, and you’ve got carried away with the message/performance of the creator. Then, boom! Something pops, and you ask yourself what’s it? It is an ad for some product that you aren’t even interested in. You may feel bad or cuss out the advertiser because their ad has stopped you from enjoying the video.

Everyone using YouTube apps has once experienced this scenario, and will always do until they find ways to block ads. Here in this article, we are going to discuss different ways you can block youtube ads on your iPhone, so you can watch videos with no interruption.

Before then, let’s answer some questions that may have been bothering you


Can You Block Ads On YouTube App?

Yes, you can block ads on the YouTube app by subscribing to the YouTube premium or through the help of third partie’s ad blockers and extensions on your safari browser.

Why Should I Block Ads On YouTube?

Although, YouTube ads can sometimes be helpful because ads on YouTube are recommended to you based on your location, preference, google search history, and many other factors. So those ads can be relevant. But if that’s not the case for you, the option is to find ways to block ads. In brief, you should block ads on YouTube if:

  1. You don’t care about ads, you’re just on YouTube to watch videos and leave.
  2. YouTube always shows you ads that you aren’t interested in.
  3. You use YouTube while concentrating on other things. For instance, some people play video while driving, working, or meditating. If ads show up, it will be an interruption.

If these three points are talking about you, you have a good reason to block ads on YouTube.

How To Block YouTube Ads On iPhone

If you’re like most iPhone users, you probably love YouTube. A website/app where you can watch videos. But there’s one thing you might not love about YouTube: the ads.

Ads are annoying, and they’re the reason YouTube is one of the most-used websites on the planet. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t give you a way to permanently block ads unless you pay for the premium.

However, there is a way to temporarily block ads on YouTube.


The best way to make a YouTube app ad-free is by purchasing its premium service for $11.99/month or trying the 1 monthly free trial. The reason you should use this option is that as of today, no ad blocker can stop YouTube app ads directly. You would have to do it another way [indirectly] which we will mention in the point below.

If you’re considering the YouTube premium, these are other benefits you will get:

  • Access to YouTube music premium: you will play music while doing other things on your phone and listen to music offline when downloaded.
  • With YouTube premium, you can download videos to watch offline and also be able to watch videos where you stop the last time.

These are all the perks of YouTube premium but if you can’t afford it, use an ad-free browser or download third parties Adblock that integrates with safari.


Brave browser is popularly known for being secured, speedy, and private. The browser always comes to mind when ANTI-AD is mentioned. With Brave, you can research or watch videos with no ads interrupting you. Download brave browser on the app store to start watching ad-free videos on youtube, it also offers youtube premium features for free.

Brave bragging about their ad-free browser

Other best ad-free browsers:

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Avast Browser
  3. Firefox
  4. Kiwi Browser

What if you don’t want any browser other than safari? This option is for you


There are many ad-blocking apps listed on the AppStore, each with its features and benefits. Here are the best two we can recommend.

ADLOCK: One important ability of Adlock is that it doesn’t care whether an ad is good or bad. Every ad gets blocked when using Adlock for Safari. If you don’t want to go to the extreme length of totaling blocking ads, you can use the “auto skip ads” feature, which helps you press the skip ad button when it shows up. It’s a free and safe ad-blocking app. It doesn’t stop with blocking YouTube ads, it also blocks games and other app ads.

CLARIO: Just like Adlock, Clario is an ad blocker that makes YouTube videos adless. It comes with an easy-to-use user interface.

How To Block YouTube Ads On iPhone In Safari

After you’ve downloaded any of the two ad blockers on the App Store. You need to add it to the list of safari content blockers to get activated.


  1. Go to your settings apps and click on safari
  2. You will see “block pop-ups”, switch it on by clicking it
  3. Click on “content blockers”, it will show the adblocker you’ve installed
  4. The next step is to switch the blocker on. When that’s done, restart your phone and start watching ad-free videos on YouTube in the safari browser.

If you’re not interested in using ad blockers on your browser, the next option is to download an app that can help you save videos on your device to watch offline. The most common step to watch YouTube videos offline is by copying the video link and pasting it onto third-party apps. After you download the video, you can watch it at an inconvenient time with no ad interruption.

These are the best YouTube video downloader apps for the iPhone:

  1. Blackhole Spliter
  2. Total Files
  3. Foxfm

YouTube is popular and has over 2 billion monthly active users, but that doesn’t mean there is no other better alternative. In the past few months, there has been a rise in video creation and many social media apps have taken advantage of this. This implies that there are other platforms to go to if you are tired of YouTube ads.


Watching videos on YouTube with no ads showing up is possible. Thanks to ad blockers, ad-free browsers, and other third-party apps that we’ve mentioned in this article. And if you want a better experience on the YouTube app, go for the premium services.



There are many ad blockers on the App Store to download. Adlock is one of the best adblockers. You can use it to block games, websites, and YouTube video ads.


No ad blocker can impede YouTube app ads directly, but by using a Brave browser or ad blocker for Safari, you can watch ad-free YouTube videos.






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