How To Bypass Snapchat Ban On iPhone

Snapchat can be fun and lively, it’s one of the apps that respect/preach privacy. But when it comes to adhering to their policy, Snapchat won’t be merciful if you violate any of their community guidelines or terms of service. So it’s better to always err on the side of caution when using Snapchat by avoiding anything that would lead to a ban.

In this article, we would discuss some of the things that could lead to Snapchat ban and various ways to bypass them.

Can you Bypass Snapchat Ban On iPhone?

Yes. You can bypass Snapchat ban.

If you’re blocked from using Snapchat on your iPhone, there may be a workaround. First, make sure you don’t use a third party app to access Snapchat. Avoid hate speech, threats and illegal activities. Avoid bullying and harrowing, etc.

How To Bypass Snapchat Ban On iPhone

When you get a Snapchat ban on your iPhone, there are a few ways to get around it. We’ll outline the four methods below:


Any third-party apps that are not recognized and authorized by Snapchat can get your account locked. The only authorized app is Snap kit, using apps like Emulator, Phantom, Sneakaboo is a threat to your snap chat account.


Your account will get banned if you promote violence or use Snapchat as a medium to carry out criminal activities.


If you are not yet 18, sending or receiving pornographic content may get your account banned.


When using Snapchat, respect other people’s privacy, and do not send spam or unsolicited messages.

If you avoid every one of these acts, there won’t be any reasons for getting banned. But if somehow you see yourself in this situation, this article is here to help you with how you can bypass it, whether it’s a temporary or permanent ban.

Can You Get Rid Of The Snapchat Device Ban?

When it comes to the Snapchat device ban, getting rid of it is based on probability and how patient you are. You need to know that there’s a clear difference between a temporary lock and a device ban.

If you install third-party apps or are caught spamming, you will get locked temporarily. After 48 hours, your account will be back. But, a device ban means as much as you’re using the phone, you won’t be able to use Snapchat.

You may ask, is this the final? There’s no remedy? This question is answered below.

Is The Snapchat Device Ban Permanent?

You have to understand that Snapchat bans people based on their behavior. The first time you violate their guideline, they will give you a warning (locked temporarily) but if it happens again, you’re going to get a permanent device ban.

So, is it permanent forever? It’s the guidelines you violate that will determine how long it will take for your device to get unblocked or maybe it’s permanent.

For instance, if they caught a user using the app to sexually abuse others or promote violence. He/she will get a permanent ban and won’t be able to use Snapchat again, even on a new device.

So, if you’re sure you did not engage in an unethical act. You should wait for a few months, or a year for the device to get unblocked.

Will Getting A New Phone Fix The Snapchat Device Ban?

What the “device ban” means is that your IMEI has been blocked from using Snapchat. A new phone comes with its IMEI, so there’s no call for an alarm.

But, to put caution in place, try to:

  • Use another email or number. There’s no reliable answer to if you will get another ban if you use the same sim card. You should just try your luck.
  • Use another snap ID. For prevention’s sake, avoid using the banned snap ID.
  • Do not use the banned device Wi-Fi, and also avoid sharing Wi-Fi with other banned devices.

Does Snapchat Ban Apple ID?

As I mentioned earlier, Snapchat can only lock your device IMEI, it doesn’t tamper with your Apple ID or iCloud. You can contact Apple support if your IMEI gets blocked by Snapchat. They may have a way to help you.

Can You Unblock A Permanently Banned Snapchat Account?

There’s no surety that a permanently banned Snapchat account can get unlocked. You should try out the following tricks:

  1. Update your Snapchat to the latest version.
  2. Change and set your phone’s date and time to a month ahead of the banned date.

The best option is to keep contacting Snapchat support until they tell you the possibility of getting your account back.

What Happens When Snapchat Permanently Banned Your Account?

Once Snapchat permanently banned your account, the possibility of unblocking it back is low. You can choose to wait for about 6 months to see if you will be unblocked. If you can’t do that, get another phone.


1. Do not share your account information with anyone. If your account gets banned or any other issue, contact customer support for help.

2. Avoid any website or apps promising to get your account back for you. None of them has a solution to the problem except to steal your information and money.

3. Always check if you are speaking with real customer support. Many scammers are pretending to be Snapchat. You should also try to read the community guidelines on the Snapchat website to know the dos and don’t.

4. Don’t impersonate or create fake profiles, because your account gets banned. This goes against Snapchat’s terms and it is a criminal offense.


Snapchat does not ban people’s accounts blindly. You may have gone against their community guidelines, which will cause you getting a temporary or permanent ban. As discussed above, wait for 48 hours, if it’s a temporary lock. Getting a new device is the best solution if you are given a permanent ban. When you have a new account, avoid using a VPN or sharing Wi-Fi with banned devices, and keep the app rule/regulations in mind.


How does Snapchat ban devices?

Snapchat bans your device by prohibiting the IMEI number from creating an account.

Can Snapchat ban me for no reason?

Snapchat won’t ban you if you did not violate any of their guidelines. You should contact customer support for help. Note that using VPN is a pretty reason for Snapchat to ban your account.






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