How to change the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 from the mobile


Do you want to change the time of your Xiaomi Smart Band 7? The good news is that the process will only take a few seconds and you won’t have to go through the initial setup again.

You just have to follow the steps that we tell you below while you have your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 connected to your mobile.

How to change the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7

For the initial configuration of your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 you had to link it to your mobile and follow the progress from the Mi Fitness app. And once the pairing and configuration process was finished, you may have noticed that the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 took both the language and the time that you have configured on the mobile.

So if you want to change the time of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 you will have to make the change from your mobile, since automatically takes the set time of the linked device. That is, any change in the time that you make on the linked mobile will be automatically reflected on your Xiaomi Smart Band 7.


If you have a time change in your region and you need to update it to the new time, you will not have to perform any action on the bracelet, since it will automatically take it from the mobile settings.

But if you want to make the change manually, just go to Mobile settings >> Additional settings >> Date and time. If you can’t find this option under that section, then use the Settings search engine and type “Date and time” to direct you directly to that option.

You’ll need to turn off the “Use network time” or “Automatic date and time” option depending on the device you’re using, so you can make the change manually. Once you deactivate this option, click on “Time” or “Set time” to set the time you want.

When you apply this change you will see that it is also automatically applied to your Xiaomi Smart Band 7, without you having to take any extra action. It will also not be necessary to use the Mi Fitness app to change the time of the bracelet. And of course, you can make all the time changes you want from the mobile settings.





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