How To Edit Memoji On iPhone – Easy Guide

Using and sending Memoji is the new trend among Apple fanboys and girls. Memoji was first introduced in 2019 and since that time it has been a feature that makes messaging and chatting fun. With every iOS update, Apple keeps improving the Memoji character, by adding new styles, poses, and hairstyles, making it more purposeful.

If you’re a lover of Memoji and want to understand how you can edit your Memoji better on an iPhone, this article is here to guide you. We urge you to update to the latest version of iOS to enjoy the development that comes with it.

How To Edit Memoji On iPhone

Edit Memoji is not a new thing on the iPhone. It allows you to customize your Memoji. You can change their hairstyle, clothes, nose, ears, head etc.

Creating and editing Memoji on the iPhone does not require being techy. to edit your memoji, simply follow these steps:


Go to the Message app, and click the compose button.


Tap the Memoji button.


Pick your memoji, tap the More button and select the Edit, Duplicate, or Delete button at the corner.


Start editing your memoji head, hairstyle, nose, color, brows, etc


When you get satisfied with the result, select done to save your editing.


You can now start using your memoji. It’s as simple as that.

Can You Edit iPhone Memoji?

Yes! Memoji can be edited on your messaging app. If you want to do more with your memoji, download apps that help to create and edit memoji without limitation.



MSQRD has been downloaded by millions of people on iOS. It is an app that lets you cartoon your face while on camera. There are many characters to choose from and it can be edited easily. This app is best if you are on an old version of iOS.

2. MRRMRR – Faceapp Filters

When it comes to fun and entertaining face animation, this app is satisfactory. It also has a feature of face tracking to mimic your favorite celebrity. This app is free for a limited period, you have to purchase a subscription to keep on using it.

3. Emoji Me Animated Faces

This application only supports iOS 10 or above. If you are on this version, getting this app is best for you. It has many features to boost your content creation.

4. Avakin life dollify stories

This app is specially created for kids to personalize photos and emojis. It also has game features, which make chatting fun.

5. Sticker Maker · Emoji Stickers

If you love creating stickers yourself, share them with friends and family. This app lets you create personalized stickers for free.

How Do I Update Emojis On My iPhone?

Your emojis will be updated when you install the latest version of iOS. To do that, go to Settings > General > Software Update on your phone. If you are not satisfied with the update, download the apps with better emojis mentioned above on the Appstore.

How Do I Make Memoji Pretty?

There are a few things you can do to make your Memoji look prettier on iPhone.

First, make sure the emoji is styled correctly. This means that it should have the correct skin, hairstyle, brows, eyes, head, nose, mouth, ears.


Sending and receiving Memoji is the new norm among messaging and social media app users. We hope this article guides you to edit Memoji to your satisfaction.

If you have questions, drop them in the comment section and we would happily reply you.






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