How To Fix Redmi Note 4 Charging 0 Error

It’s very difficult to understand why most of phone stop charge due to critic condition of the device. Redmi Note 4 Charger is mostly seize from working at times even if you leave phone plugin, it wouldn’t move from 0%.

In this article, I’ll explain reason behind and How to fix Redmi Note 4 Charging 0 Error to start charge effectively and efficiently without error.

Redmi Note 4 Being about 5 years old since its initial launch, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is powered by Snapdragon 625 and a mediocre camera was a good value-for-money device in 2017. But with 2021 standards the device is well outdated and needs an upgrade.

Redmi Note 4

Simple Way to Fix Redmi Note 4 Charging 0 Error


Once your Note 4 stopped charging do not panic, what you need to do is that; First, check if the adaptor are compatible with the cable. Mostly, adaptor is main reason why it’s seize away to charge the device from 0%.

Way 1: Change the adaptor replace with another one and plug it back, wait for like 5 mins before you try do anything with the phone. It’ll move from 0% to heading in some minutes.

Way 2: If you noticed that your Redmi Note 4 is not charging and hard to move from 0%, simple go to store and buy a brand new charger and use it with. At times, old charger might cause it from charge your device due to weak of the cable.

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Way 3: upon all these 2 ways and you don’t find solution to the error charging, kindly take the phone to engineer for consultant and he/she will check out if the fault are from port.

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With these ways, I assure you that your Redmi Note 4 Charging 0 Error would be solved and it’ll begin charging successful without any problems.


Drop comments if any of these guides help you resolve the Redmi Note 4 Charging 0 error problem in the comment section.