How To Fix VMProtectSDK32.dll is Missing

Are you experiencing registry file missing issues on Roblox? Here, we have explained how to fix VMProtectSDK32.dll is Missing.

Some Roblox users are getting the “VMProtectSDK32.dll is Missing” error. The complete error reads:

“The program can’t start because VMProtectSDK32.dll is missing from your computer”.

“Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”.

Below, we have explained how to fix “VMProtectSDK32.dll is missing” on Roblox.

Why is VMProtectSDK32.dll Missing?

VMProtectSDK32.dll is one of the registry files on the PC that allows Roblox to run. A user will get the error when the file is missing, not functioning or outdated.

Many Roblox users have turned to social media to report the error. Some of the complaints are found below.

How to Fix VMProtectSDK32.dll is Missing

To fix VMProtectSDK32.dll is missing, you must download the missing file and copy it to the System32 folder. You should also copy it to the Roblox file location for a better result.

If that couldn’t solve the error, you should download Directx and Visual C++ Redistributable.

1.      Download the file

You need to download the file. It is in a ZIP file, and you need to UNZIP it. Copy the VMProtectSDK32.dll from the new file folder and open File Explorer.

Now, go to This PC, then Local Disc (C:), Windows and open System32.

2.      Paste the file into System32

You need to paste the copied file from the folder and paste it into the System32 folder. After pasting it, close the file explorer.

3.      Paste the file into the Roblox folder

For a good result, copy the file from the folder and paste it into the Roblox folder. Right-click on the Roblox Player and click on “Open file location”.

Next, paste “VMProtectSDK32.dll” into the Roblox folder.

4.      Download Visual C++ and Directx

If the above steps couldn’t fix the error, you should download DirectX End-User Runtime and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable comes in different files, and you need to choose the one that corresponds to your PC Bit. To confirm your system BIT type on a Windows PC, open file explorer, right-click on “This PC”, and click “Properties”.

Now, the About screen will display. This is where you see every information related to your PC. Locate “System Type” to see the BIT it runs on.

After downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable program, you need to restart your PC.


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