How to Highlight Text in Google Slides

Google Slides is a great tool for sharing presentations with colleagues and friends. However, one common issue is that the text is difficult to read. That’s why, in this blog post, we’re going to teach you how to highlight text in Google Slides. We’ll cover the steps necessary to highlight text in Google Slides, from selecting the text you want to highlight to choosing the highlight option. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to easily read the text in your presentation. Thanks for reading!

1. Select the Text You Want to Highlight.

Text is important in any document, but it can be even more useful when you use highlights. Highlights are a great way to quickly reference important information in your Google Slides presentation. They’re easy to create and you can customize them to look just the way you want them to. In this section, we’ll outline the steps necessary to highlight text in Google Slides.

First, select the text that you want to highlight. You can do this by clicking on the text itself or by selecting it using your cursor and then clicking on the Highlight button (the three dots).

Once you’ve highlighted the text, choose a highlighting color from the Colors palette. You can also change the highlighting color manually by clicking on the color swatch next to Highlighting Color.

To highlight more than one word, sentence, or paragraph at a time, use the Shift key. This will allow you to select multiple words or phrases at once. To add notes about your highlighted text, click on the Notes button and fill out all of the fields as desired. Be sure to click OK when finished!

Next, adjust how brightly your highlighted text appears by adjusting its opacity level. To delete a highlighted section of text, simply click on it and then press Delete (or hit Backspace if your keyboard doesn’t have Delete). Finally, whenever you need quick access to your highlights again – whether during your presentation or later – simply click on Highlights in the menu bar and they will reappear instantly!

2. Click the Text Drop-down Menu.

When you’re writing or speaking, it’s important to make sure that your text is easy to read. This is especially true for slideshows or any other type of presentation where you might need to refer to specific text throughout the presentation. Google Slides makes this process easy by providing a variety of different ways to highlight text.

To highlight text on a slide, first click on the text box or shape that you want to highlight. From here, click on the Text drop-down menu and choose Highlight. The text will now be highlighted in your chosen color (usually white), and you can also change the font, size, and color of your text from this menu.

If you need to quickly find a particular piece of highlighted text, simply search for it using the search bar at the top of your screen. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to easily access these features – for example, press CMD + F (Mac) or CTRL + F (PC) to search for all instances of highlight in your document.

3. Choose the Highlight Option.

When it comes to presentations, making sure your audience fully understands what you’re saying is key. That’s where the highlight feature in Google Slides comes in handy. This feature allows you to highlight important points in your presentation so that everyone can understand them.

To use the highlight feature, simply select the text you want to highlight and then click on the Highlight button. The highlighted text will be outlined in blue, and it will be easy for your audience to see it. If you’d like to make the highlighted text bold or italicized, just click on the appropriate button next to the Highlight button.

The highlight feature is a great way to make sure your audience doesn’t miss any important points in your presentation. So if you want them to really pay attention, use this helpful tool!

To Wrap Things Up

Now that you know how to highlight text in Google Docs, you can use this handy tool to draw attention to important passages in your documents. You can also use the highlighting feature to collaborate with others on a document by leaving comments or asking questions. So go ahead and try it out next time you’re working on a Google Doc!






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