How to put the U with a colon? put umlaut on keyboard


There are certain rules or orthographic norms that are defined by the Royal Spanish Academy, for the Spanish language. Such is the case of the umlaut, whose definition is very explicit in this Dictionary and that as an orthographic sign must be used at the time of writing. More than knowing about him, we will learn to put the umlaut or two points, as they are called, above the U with the keyboard from a computer.

The umlaut is an orthographic sign that is placed on the letter u, solely and exclusively for the syllables ‘gue’ and ‘gui’ when it is desired that said vowel must be pronouncedgiven the example of penguin or drainpipe.

It is composed of two points that are written horizontally and gives sound to the selected letter. That’s what they’re called.

It is important that our writings have an example with the umlaut above the u, with question marks, among others. That is to say, with good writing and excellent spelling, since it is the image that the writer reflects. In this sense, if we ever need to write a word that deserves this spelling sign, we will need to know how to do it from the keyboard of our PC or laptop.

The keyboard configuration can be determined by the company and the model in which it was designed. For this reason, sometimes we want to place some letter like ñ, some sign or symbol as we see on the keyboard, but we observe that on the monitor the character does not correspond to what we want.

What are the colons above the vowels called?

There are several rules when writing. Spelling is one of the most studied and perfected branches of writing. From the accents, points and commas, there is one that is reflected with two points in the vowels. This one is Known as Umlaut, when such signs are placed on a vowel, from the ASCII code.

How to put the umlaut on the keyboard?

Everyone who is on the computer knows how to put punctuation marks. However, not many of them know how to capitalize the colon above the vowels. However, we will show you how do it with the “Alt” button.


Using ASCII code

With this function, you can use the combination of keys to generate the different characters available. To put these, you must first know what they are called, the one with the umlaut has been the “249”. Press Alt +249 and select the capitalized vowel to place the colon on top.

Via the special characters menu

With the Word application, you can put these colons. Go to insert tab and gives in Symbol. Here will be all the characters and what they are called. Select the one with the umlaut and hit insert.

Mix of Alt + keys

Using this command you can achieve it. You just have to have the keyboard set to Spanish in advance. Press Alt + umlaut button. It’s under the accent. Then you must put the letter. This will capitalize the colon above you in writing

How to put the umlaut over the uppercase or lowercase letter U with a laptop?



You can use the same functions that we explained to you in advance in order to place the two points. Since they are used for all kinds of computational devices.

Type umlaut with Windows keyboard on PC

If we look closely at each of the letters on our keyboard, we can see that a large character appears in some of them. either letter or number accompanied by some other sign or symbol.

The way to use the sign, symbol, character or as they are called, umlauts, found at the top of a key. It is by using the keyboard shortcuts. That is, simultaneously press Shift or up arrow and the key in question.

In such a way, that if what we want is to put the umlaut on the u with the keyboard, it will be enough to do the combination of Shift, the key where the sign is on the keyboard and the u: (Shift+¨+u). Note that the Shift key must be left pressed to mark the sign and then release both to press u.

This combination can also be made to umlaut any vowel other than u. The ASCII code is a universal method that allows you to write certain signs using the ALT key + a specific number depending on what you want.

In this opportunity, what we seek to learn is to put the umlaut on the u with the keyboard. So you must simultaneously press the ALT + number 249 keys on the number keys located on the right side of the keyboard.

In this way our symbol will be digitized on the computer screen that represents the umlaut sign “¨”. These procedures are available for Windows on desktop computers.

Typing the umlaut with the Windows keyboard on Laptops

As per the design and architecture of the Laptops, the hardware component like the keyboard comes internal in its presentation. So its structure is different from traditional keyboards. Above all, because this type of keyboard is generally does not include easy access number keys which are located on the right side of conventional keyboards.

It is also common that the umlaut does not come represented in any of its keys, which represents a complication when you need to write a word that includes it.

Since laptops do not include a numeric keypad, we will activate it manually as follows: press the Fn key (located between the space bar and the Windows key).

Pressing Fn will activate the temporary number pad consisting of m, j, k, l, u, i, o, 7, 8, 9. Which represent 0 through 9. Enter 249 as in ASCII code. By putting the sign on the screen disable the keyboard with Fn + NumLock and continue to use the keyboard as you normally do.

Other more traditional options are to copy the sign from any input and paste it where we need it. Or in another case, write the word that requires the umlaut and use the spell checker. With the right mouse button on the word, to correct it and modify it correctly.






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