How to remove all ‘Likes’ from TikTok


On TikTok all videos that you like will appear in your biography. That is, when you are browsing the main screen and click on the heart icon. These are marked, they are added to the list of Likes located in your profile. Represented by the box of a saved or favorites object.

If in your TikTok privacy settings you have the like area private, the icon that represents it will have a strikethrough, otherwise it will be a normal heart. These settings are available in the Privacy section, you can get to them from the saved TikTok settings or in favorites.

In the same way that all videos are added to the like list are also removed on TikTok. That is, go to your profile, and locate a projection that you liked, open it and click on the red heart again. This has a way that it changes color, done this it will be removed from your saved list or favorites.

It is important to know that for delete or delete all likes, you must do it individually in TikTok.

Where to see the videos that I have liked on TikTok?

When you have an account on this platform, it is normal that you want to know where your options are located. All the videos that you have liked in the applications appear on your profile. If you know where a bio is on TikTok, it will be very easy to access them, in saved or in favorites. Otherwise you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to TikTok and tap on the Me icon to go to your profile, it’s easy to get that on those social networks.
  2. You will see all the videos you have uploaded, right next to it is the heart of the like.
  3. Click on the part of the one we are looking for to access the projections that you liked.

It is important to know that if that list is private, the icon will have a strikethrough. If it is public, it will be a normal heart, regardless of the type of configuration you have, the location does not change. That is, it will always be under your biography, between all the published and private videos.


It usually depends on the level of security that the other person has in the application. Remember that this depends on the restrictions that your user has, be careful.

How to delete all TikTok likes at the same time?

There is no option to delete like history with one click. You should uncheck TikTok heart on each of all videos individually. But you have the benefit of swiping these the same way you would on the main saves or favorites screen.

Open the list of likes and then the first one, click on the heart, and swipe the video up from TikTok.

You click again on it I like it, and repeat the same process until all history is cleared. You should know that the double tag function does not work from this section.

How to unlike a single video on TikTok?

Just as you added a new file, the list of likes to delete or delete. That is, in the projection, click on the heart icon, with the purpose of giving a like, you will notice that it turns red. Once this is done, it will be in your profile said. Locate it and click on the red icon again so that the color is removed. The video will be removed from the likes list on TikTokyou can repeat the process with all of them, it is your decision whether to delete or delete some specific ones or leave this section empty in your profile.

How to remove my favorite videos from TikTok?

Doing actions on the platform is not complicated, you just have to have an internet connection and with its help you will be able to carry out different tasks in the app, have the popular gettext videos. All the projections that appear in saved or in favorites can be completely deleted from your profile, so you don’t see them anymore. In order to achieve this, you just have to click on it and in its options click on delete, wait for it to load this and start using the platform again.

There is no method of clearing several of the area at once. If for some reason you cannot like a video, or you will not be able to unlike it, it is recommended to verify your internet connection on your social networks.

It may be that the reason for not being able to carry out this action is the lack of union with one of these networks. However, that is a possibility, since another reason may be that you have a sanction on the platform. If this happens it will also be impossible for you.

There are two ways to like a tiktok video, one is clicking on the heart icon, located on the right side of the projection. Another is by double tagging any free icon space in the file. No matter which method you choose, these two ways are valid on your Android, iOS, iPhone or PC.

What happens to my algorithm if I delete all of my TikTok history?

The delete always indicates cleaning, in any of the aspects that apply. So, if you decide to delete all the videos that you have liked on the platform, you should know that this is not harmful, on the contrary, you will be able to enjoy a TikTok:

No history or algorithm: By having a clean history, you can rearrange those gettext videos you want to put in the first places. Since liking a screening is also a method of saving it to your profile. To use them as many times as you want or share them with new TikTok friends in the applications or social networks of your Android phone, iOS, iPhone or PC in the algorithm.

To have a new one of this, it is recommended to delete said history. Although you must keep in mind that if you do not know the name of the people you want to get added, you can lose the information. But, you can continue before carrying out the process, always keep this in mind, the algorithm will always be important for more fun.

A faster app: When you delete all the videos that you have placed like you will be able to enjoy a faster TikTok app. Since this would be a way to clear or delete cache, or memory stored in applications that having a massive amount will slow down their process in gettext videos.

Similarly, if you have problems with the likes list Do not hesitate to consult TikTok technical support, in order to solve any type of error related to videos on your Android, iOS, iPhone or PC.






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