Inside The Backrooms All Creatures and Entities

A horror multiplayer developed by Mrfatcat and published by Mrfatcat and Dropsiick. The game is mixed with different feelings, and the mechanics it has will make you spend nights with your friends. There are entities in this game that are waiting to scare you. You will find the night with your friends more intense when you see the entities yourself. This article will explain every entity in the game. There are more than a hundred entities in the game so, tighten your seatbelt, things are going to be scary and intense.

Entities are anything living that is not a person. A variety of being in the game can be your friendly inhabitant with human-like creatures or it can be any beast with crazy intelligence and powers which work beyond your understanding and limits. Each entity in the game has its own unique behavior and powers. The best way to interact with the identities is by leaving them for their sake and also for your own sake.

Inside The Backrooms All Creatures and Entities

There are more than a hundred entities in the game. We are listing them here with a brief explanation and also we will be showing you how that Entity looks in the game. We will name the entity after the entity number to ensure that every entity is been named here.

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Entity 1: Not Confirmed

Entity number 1 is still proposed and many have proposed entity one. We are listing a few of the possible entity one here.

Dark Figures: Proposed by Professor

Cameraman: Egglord Proposals

Entity 2: The Window

Backroom windows can form any non-anomalous window. These windows are the entities of mimicry and are also the source of fear and can lead you to destruction.

Entity 3: Smiler

A hostile entity that can be identified by its signature shining teeth and reflective eyes. Smilers only appear in the dark corner of the room. Smilers are attracted to light and will chase any bright light.

Entity 4: Deathmoths

A big moth which travels around the backroom and it can be very dangerous. While the male death moths are harmless but the female ones can spit acid from mouths and are very dangerous.

Entity 5: Clump

An entity that resembles the clump of human arms which fell in every direction of the room. They are found in tight spaces like vents, cabinets, etc.

Entity 6: Dullers

With a resemblance to humans, it appears in the human form and has very big arms and legs. It is made up of tar. It does not feature any sensory organs like eyes, ears, or nose.

Entity 7: Jerry


Jerry resembles a small bird, Jerry inhabitants level 1 or sometimes level 2 as well. Level 2 is where jerry and his friends are mostly found.

Entity 8: Hound

Hounds are nude humanoid entities with sharp teeth and very big mouths. They have hairs on the head and very long limbs and sharp claws. They are very dangerous.

Entity 9: Facelings

Faceless entity, in general term facelings is called teh people with no face. There are multiple types of these entities in the backrooms. There are two types of facelings in the game, child facelings, and adult facelings.

Entity 10: Skin Stealer

Docile creatures usually wander around when they do not need to feed. In a hunger state, they will tear apart humans while wandering around with their strength. A very dangerous entity as well.

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Entity 11: Bursters

Usually found on level 3, the bursters have a human-like appearance, they crawl around the backroom’s space and they have clauses on their backs that explodes in small acid fluid when hunting prey.

Entity 12: Dunks

A boxy entity that has a very long trunk like an elephant that resembles a human arm. They are naturally peaceful in normal temper however they can commit extreme violence when needed.

Entity 13: Transporters

Inhabitants level 3 and above, are human likes entity and they are very tall and dark and always float around the hallways. YOu can fnd the transporters when you rhea the level 3 T junctions of the hallways.

Entity 14: Reviooks

Another extremely dangerous entity is usually found on levels 5 and level 7, they are known for their many legs and they burrow undergrounds in the backrooms.

Entity 15: Wretches

Wretches are found in the shadow of the backrooms. Wretches are a human-like entity that acts like undead zombie, you can feel that they are poorly transformed into wretches and seek water sleep, and food.

Entity 16: Nguithr’xurhs

There are 16 appendages on a Nguithr’xurh, which resembles a large spider. It is highly dangerous to come into close contact with them, but not only are they slow, but they are also not known to chase prey.

Entity 17: Crawlers

A collective name for the entity which suffers from the fungus and now their growth is up to the extent that the infection presents in them are extremely aggressive.

Entity 18: The gentleman of level 5 (Beast)

The head of the cephalopod is a very tall creature with a human body. This gentleman usually roams around in level 5 and the best thing it has is the camouflage ability.

Entity 22: Warning Kites

A warning kites, yes it refers to a group of childish designs. Entity 22 can be spotted when danger is near the wanderer or the oncoming wanderer. Entity 22 will warn the wanderer about the upcoming danger.

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Entity 23: Unapproachable Horse


The entity is found on the various level of the backrooms. These death rats are found on various levels and you can hear them screaming at each other. Death rats are usually harmless and can be your food source in the game.

Entity 25: Plague Goblins

These elusive, feline-avian entities that scurry about the Backrooms are called Plague Goblins because they resemble medieval plague doctors superficially. While usually timid and inoffensive, they can be a major nuisance for explorers, especially those traveling alone.

Entity 27: Athenian Ducks

They are generally found on level 302 of the game. These ducks are just like normal ducks with normal legs normal feathers and soft to the touch. Do not scare them away as they are skittish.

Entity 29: Little killers

Little killers are in small packs and are capable of hunting down a person. They don’t last long and it is very common for them packs to get dismantled after hunting down prey.

Entity 30: Lurkers

Lurkers as the name suggest, are two glowing eyes that is of different color and possess a pitch-black fog. They are quite similar to the smilers.



Yes, we wrap up here. A long article about the entities inside the ABckrooms game. This game has all the scary parts and entities that can rip you apart. The game has more than hundreds of entities. We have listed here the entities that are under a hundred. Hoping that now you can be aware of the entities you will face on a certain level beforehand. All the pictures that were available for the entities are added in this article so that you can get an idea of how they will look to you.

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