Make Your Old Windows PC Usable Again With Tron Script

The Windows operating system is a beginner-friendly OS taking up the highest market share in the personal computer market. Many individuals appreciate using Windows because to its ease of use, vast software support, and numerous intelligent features for management and productivity.

Yet, although strong, Windows Computers are notorious to slow down over time owing to bloatware, spyware and viruses, and general bad system upkeep by the user. Before giving up on your old Windows Computer, you may want to try using Tron Script and see if it makes your old Windows PC worth using again.

What Is Tron Script?

Tron Script is a free and open-source batch script that automates the cleaning, optimizing, and repairing of Windows systems. It uses many well-known third-party tools to perform a variety of tasks including Malwarebytes, TDSSKiller, and Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

There are many other ways you can speed up your Windows system, but Tron Script is unique in a way that it covers several stages of making your system faster.


Tron Script goes through several stages (0-8 stages) to help make your Windows PC run faster. These stages are Prep, Tempclean, De-bloat, Disinfect, Repair, Patch, Optimize, Wrap-up, and Custom Scripts (optional).

Although this program is utilized by IT experts and many skilled Windows users, Tron Script can also benefit individuals less technically inclined, providing they follow the necessary steps in launching the script—which we’ll describe later.


Is Tron Script Safe?

Tron Script is a sophisticated batch script that automates the majority of actions that a professional would conduct when cleaning and maintaining a Windows machine. And to avoid any snags in the process, Tron has to be run as admin.

Executing Tron as admin gives the script higher rights and access to possibly sensitive data. This means that by executing Tron Script as admin on your Windows Computer, you give it authority to update system configurations, modify data, and install or remove software within your system—which are the same capabilities you’ll need when doing systems maintenance manually.

Fortunately, Tron is very safe and secure to use on your Windows PC. A major amount of its safety derives from its transparency and the Tron community. As a well-documented open-source project, Tron Script is utilized and trusted by many people (including IT professionals) to automate the majority of jobs they would ordinarily undertake manually.


The amount of transparency you receive from the Tron project also includes information on how the script works, its updates, and its source code, which you can see for yourself on its official Tron Script GitHub website. The only code you can’t see on the script is on the third-party applications that Tron employs.

Therefore unless you don’t trust the third-party software that Tron employs, the Tron Script should be safe to run on your Windows PC.


How to Use Tron Scripts

Tron Script can be configured and customized to fit your system’s needs. For this tutorial, we will utilize Tron Script with its default settings which should be enough for the majority of Windows computers.


1. Download and Verify Tron Script

When you open the Tron Script download site, you’ll see a few links. The site contains direct download links to the numerous Tron versions as well as their related hash values. We’ll use the hash values to verify our download later. For now, go ahead and download the latest Tron Script executable (.exe) (.exe).

Transfer the executable file to your Desktop. At this point, we could start decompressing the executable, but for security purposes, it is recommended that we first check our download and verify if it indeed came from the original source.


To verify launch the Windows PowerShell by hitting Win + R on your keyboard, then type “PowerShell.”

In PowerShell type this command (Notice that there is a space in-between “Get-fileHash” and the file location.):

Get-fileHash (Tron executable location)

Now enter the executable file location by dragging and dropping the executable on the PowerShell window. Hit Enter and wait for the outcome.

You should be seeing a string of numbers. These numbers are the hash value derived from the Tron executable file. This should match the hash values that are listed in the “sha256sum.txt” on the download site before.


Now go back to the download page and click on “sha256sum.txt”. Compare the numbers on the site with the figures on your PowerShell window.

As you can see our downloaded Tron 12.0.5 matches the one on the site. Do not proceed if the hash numbers are not the same!

If they are the same, then you can continue.


2. Ensure Your PC Is Updated Before Running

It will take roughly 2-7 hours (depending on your system) for Tron to fully perform its job. For a seamless functioning, it is advised that you restart your machine to install all pending updates before starting Tron.


3. Run Tron Script’s

Make sure that you have the downloaded Tron executable on your Desktop. Decompress the file by right-clicking on the executable and selecting Run as administrator.

After the decompression, you should see two files. Open the folder “tron” and run the Tron batch file as administrator.


You will be prompted to read the instructions. Write “I agree” and hit Enter.

Tron will now run, and there’s nothing else for you to do than wait for it to finish up.


4. Restart Your PC After Tron Script Finishes

When Tron finishes its activities, it is crucial that you restart your machine before using it as normal.


Congrats, your system should be running a lot faster now. Hopefully, this addresses the problem with your slow Windows system.


What Are the Limits of Tron Script?

Although Tron is a strong script for cleaning, debloating, eradicating viruses, and overall making your System perform quicker, it does have some limitations. Firstly, Tron can only work with specified versions of Windows. It cannot run on Linux, macOS, and Windows versions lower than Windows 7.


Another factor is that Tron does not magically address all your system security problems. Although Tron is quite good at identifying and deleting viruses, it does not instantly cure all your system’s security flaws. Sometimes, a system is so seriously infected that you may need to run extra antivirus software or even do a complete Windows reinstall to eliminate them completely.


Ultimately, Tron Script cannot cure your system’s hardware problems. If your gear is too ancient, you will find it hard to run newer software. In this situation, you will either have to utilize earlier versions of the software, use other lighter-weight software options, or improve your PC’s hardware.


Getting More Out Of Your Old Computer Using Tron Script

If your PC has seen better days, running Tron Script is an easy method to clean it back up again. With just a few clicks, Tron Script will do the rest for you.






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