Online Resources That Can Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Operating a business can be rewarding but very difficult at times. All companies will eventually run into problems, but it’s important not to let them have a serious impact. Otherwise, you might find your business spiraling out of control.

Check out these resources if you’re looking for ways to keep your business running smoothly. They’ll touch on everything from free tax information to useful advertising selections.

Small Business Administration

A useful resource for any business owner to check out is the Small Business Administration site. It provides step-by-step instructions to follow when starting a company as well as tips for purchasing insurance, such as general liability insurance. This provides basic overall coverage for most business aspects, including property damage or bodily injury. If you’re unsure where to start with insurance, the site will usually direct you to local agencies from which you can choose.

The Small Business Administration also supplies loans. This option provides many benefits like flexible overhead guidelines and low fees.

While useful, you do need to qualify for it. Some aspects required to get a loan include:

  • Operating a business in the U.S.
  • Having invested equity
  • Being legally registered
  • Not having current loans from other providers

The loan also comes in three types:

  • 7(a)
  • 504
  • Micro

Each has its own requirements, so it’s crucial to review the guidelines for each.


Consider checking this site out if you’re looking for free or affordable marketing designs. Canva includes countless pre-made designs and the ability to create your own. If you want to go all out with your artwork, you could purchase a subscription which gives you access to even more style options.

You can save your ads on the site and refer back to them when necessary. This way, your marketing designs are in one place that can be easily accessed. Then, when you need them, simply download the design!

MIT Open Course

MIT Open Course has you covered for those who want to keep up on their business skills. Here, you’ll find numerous free online classes, from global financial relations to operations management.

Internal Revenue Service

Taxes can be a company’s nemesis. By inspecting the IRS’s site, you’ll discover many online resources that guide you through this tricky subject. It will direct you to the necessary forms your business might need to file and even explain the differences between various tax documents and requirements.


This resource is built to encourage small businesses by providing them with endless information about successfully running a company with expert help.

The site helps you find a mentor near you who can supply financial advice and help brainstorm unique business strategies. SCORE even hosts workshops locally, on-demand, and live. Topics range from critical business principles to email marketing strategies. There’s also a virtual library where you can access things like blogs, checklists, and guides on various themes.

Small Business Development Centers

Similar to SCORE, this option is a bit more community driven and meant to guide you not only through overall small business needs but local laws as well. While there are online resources, you’ll usually need to visit one of its physical locations for assistance. To see if there’s one near you, simply type in your zip code, and the site will direct you to the closest option.

Home Business Magazine

This is a great option to learn critical business skills and ideas. Published completely online, Home Business Magazine regularly posts articles on numerous subjects, like start-up tips and how to make successful lead conversions. There’s even a podcast you can listen to while working that touches on a plethora of business topics.

Google Analytics

If you want to check how well your products or services are doing, this is something you’ll want to use. By reviewing the data, you’ll see how your clients feel about your company, figure out the best marketing platform, and determine how to improve your site’s ranking. Google Analytics is free, but you do need a Google account to use it.


Slack is a beneficial way to keep communication in one place for those with employees or a freelance crew. Your workers can send personal messages to each other, inform the team of new work and ideas, and upload files for review.

Slack also provides that option if you want to host a video or phone call with your team. You can even connect up to 10 apps to your Slack channels, so the information you submit there gets sorted and stored in your Slack channels.

Running a business can be challenging if you don’t have the right resources. By keeping this information in mind, you can better guide your company to running smoothly and being prosperous.







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