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  • Spotify Autoplay Not Working On iPhone – How To Fix?

    Spotify is the world’s biggest streaming service, with more than 195 million premium subscribers. Among these subscribers are lovers of music, who listen to music while driving, cooking, working and so on. So one feature that these people need the most is the auto-play feature. Spotify auto-play helps in choosing songs to play next, judging […]

  • How To Bypass Snapchat Ban On iPhone

    Snapchat can be fun and lively, it’s one of the apps that respect/preach privacy. But when it comes to adhering to their policy, Snapchat won’t be merciful if you violate any of their community guidelines or terms of service. So it’s better to always err on the side of caution when using Snapchat by avoiding anything that […]

  • How To Block YouTube Ads On iPhone (fast method)

    Most times, ads are annoying, disturbing, and time wasters. Imagine this situation: you’re watching a video from your favorite channel, and you’ve got carried away with the message/performance of the creator. Then, boom! Something pops, and you ask yourself what’s it? It is an ad for some product that you aren’t even interested in. You […]

  • iPhone Not Connecting To Wi-Fi (solved)

    Your iPhone has a Wi-Fi connection, but it isn’t connecting to the internet. Several factors can cause this, from a bad router or an issue with your computer’s network settings. To troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connectivity issues, follow the instructions in this article. It is annoying when you want to connect to a Wi-Fi with your iPhone, […]

  • How To Restart iPhone XR (quick steps)

    All iPhone models, not just the newer iOS version, appear challenging to inexperienced users to restart, or most are just persuaded that iPhone devices don’t restart at all. Restarting an iPhone device can be particularly challenging and tricky. When the iPhone freezes or the screen goes dark and won’t respond to commands, most people consider […]

  • iPhone 14 molds pop up online, revealing sizes and the four alleged models

    Slowly but surely, heat is starting to build up around the iPhone 14 lineup. Earlier this April, the same leaker who was first to share the new front design of Apple’s next flagship phone, ShrimpApplePro. Now, once again, ShrimpApplePro has come out with a major reveal, which in this case is a photo of allegedly all iPhone […]

  • OnePlus 8 series new patch fixes issues from previous Android 12-based Oxygen OS update

    The OnePlus 8 series has been updated to Android 12 less than a month ago, but, as with all OnePlus’ major update, this one might have added a couple of bugs too. Thankfully, the Chinese company typically patches these issues quite fast, and while in this case it took OnePlus almost a month to come […]

  • Sony Xperia 1 IV Geekbench scores appear to rule out the new Snapdragon chip

    Sony’s next flagship phone, the Xperia 1 IV, has popped up on Geekbench, reports Sumaho Digest.   Per the listing, the phone, which bears the model number XQ-CT54, has a chip named taro under the hood, which is the codename for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Earlier rumors had said that the handset could […]

  • Apple reportedly working on a new custom OS to power the Apple Car

    The mysterious Apple Car has been driving around in the dark corners of the rumor mill for quite some time, and now, a new rumor has appeared online to remind us about the self-driving vehicle. AppleInsider reports that Apple seems to be planning to have its own centrally integrated OS that the Apple Car will […]

  • 10 super-underrated phone features in 2022: Choosing a new iPhone or Android for the right reasons

    After putting together a list of the top overrated phone features that customers might fall for when buying a new device in 2022, I decided it’s only fair to follow up with a more positive take on the same story.   So, today we’re going through a list of those aspects of a phone that […]

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