Philips OLED+937, OLED907 and PML9507 Televisions


In this period when new seasons of popular TV series were broadcast, minimalist design flat screens started to replace old model dusty televisions. Philips TV also offers different alternatives to users with three new premium Ambilight TVs with enhanced ambient lighting. The new Philips OLED+937, OLED+907 and PML9507 TVs also feature sound quality, powerful gaming performance and smart features. The elegant and thin bezels of the televisions carry the European Design features, which is the philosophy of Philips TV.


The new 65-inch OLED+937 TVs offer a wide range of colors that protrude from the screen. The television features next-generation four-sided Ambilight lighting that projects the colors of the on-screen image onto the wall for a more precise and immersive halo effect than ever before.

Colorful movies, TV series and nature documentaries; It becomes much more enjoyable thanks to the intensified viewing experience. TV; When paired with luxurious, Kvadrat Audiomix fabric Bowers & Wilkins soundbars, it delivers an immersive sound experience that fills the room. Offering an ideal performance for gamers, the television also has features that will please gamers.

The premium feel of OLED+937; The enhanced European design is distinguished by its metal edging and thin bezel. The model’s remote control is also high-quality, with a silver finish and Muirhead sustainable leather cover.

With the new Aurora Screen Fill feature on TV, the gallery of pre-loaded videos and photos makes viewers feel like they’re in an art exhibition.


To the overall design of the new OLED+907 model TV; B&W brand soundbars have been specially added to deliver crystal-clear sound quality and create an extra-wide soundstage, in addition to the original OLED+903 television format.

In television, similar to the OLED+937 model; There’s also the impressive three-sided Next-Generation Ambilight and the new Aurora screen-filling feature. The special game settings bar on the model is also ideal for gamers, thanks to the game mode it offers.

Eye-catching European design; It stands out with its satin chrome-plated rotatable stand and high-quality Kvadrat Audiomix soundbars covered with fabric.

Minimalist metal frame; It makes the screen display and Ambilight experience perfect thanks to the elegant and thin screen bezel, which is available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.


New PML9507 model television; With the addition of the new Aurora gallery to the four-sided new generation Ambilight, it offers its users a home theater experience. It is an ideal model for gamers with its game settings, game bar that provides quick access to video and audio during the game, as well as perfect sound and image quality. The PML9507 also pairs with Philips Fidelio FS1 wireless speakers for those who want a room-filling and immersive sound experience.

Its European design, thin, stylish frame and dark anthracite metal legs add high-end design details to the television.

The Philips PML9507 model television will be available in 55, 65 and 75 inches.





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