Philips Sound Introduces Special Products for Music and Movie Enthusiasts


Philips Sound introduces its new product line for the needs of music and movie enthusiasts. Soundbar, headphone and speaker models can be controlled via Philips Sound’s own application. Products that are easily controlled during home workouts, dinner parties or watching TV are also quite assertive about performance.

Philips Fidelio Speakers

Philips Sound’s award-winning Fidelio family has expanded with the addition of FS1 model speakers. Speaker; Like other models of Philips Fidelio models, it promises first-class design, materials and performance.

New Philips Soundbars

Philips Sound has developed four new soundbar models to further improve the sound performance of TVs. B8907 model Soundbar, with a cinematic and immersive sound capacity, is among the products with the highest capacity in the series.

The second product of the series; Complementing the high performance and affordable ‘The One’ model televisions is the B8507. The series is followed by the B7807 model Soundbar as the third. The latest product of the series, the B7202, is also ideal for those who want to increase the sound performance of their television.

Philips Sound; introduced three new earphone models specially designed for sports fans, hybrid workers and children.

Both comfortable and safe A7607 sports headphones

Philips A7607 model true wireless earphones; It can clear wind and disturbing background noises. The open-designed earphones feature bone conduction technology, which ensures crystal-clear phone calls even on the go.

Another feature of the headset is that it allows the user to be aware of what is happening around him in a crowded area. Thanks to its moisture-proof magnetic charging port, it offers 9 hours of playtime with a 1-hour charge, and 1 hour of playtime with a 15-minute charge.

Thanks to its open design, the A7607 model earphones, which are dust and water resistant, provide excellent sound performance and help the user hear what is going on around them. The red LED strip on the neckband also provides extra security at night.

For hybrid users: H8507 model headphones

Developed by Philips Sound, the H8507 hybrid is tailored to the needs of workers. It offers a perfectly clear and rich sound quality when listening to music as well as on calls. While it provides easy switching between headphones and computers, it helps to easily switch between music and phone calls by connecting to both computer and phone at the same time thanks to multi-connection.

With a battery life of 55 hours, the red light feature that warns the people around during the call allows the user to carry out the conversation comfortably without the need to say that he is in the meeting.

Smart and game-friendly: K4607 headphones

With the new K4607 model, the much-loved bone conduction headphones were designed specifically for children for the first time.

Thanks to its open design, children’s sensitive ears are protected from loud noise, and they can hear the surrounding stimuli. Thanks to the sound quality, more than five hours of playing time and adjustable neckband, the risk of losing the headphones is minimized by children who are constantly on the move. The remote controllable volume limiter makes it easier for parents by reporting the usage information of the headset.





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