Power Joe Generator Reviews


While power outages can be inconvenient, if you’re not prepared, they can also pose a serious risk to your home and family’s safety. This begs the question, then, if you could have an easy-to-use device that would allow you to keep essential appliances running during such times of crisis, would you?

Power joe generator
Power joe generator

That’s why we decided to test out the Power Joe portable generator so that we could share our findings with our readers. After all, power outages aren’t necessarily things that happen often enough for most people to justify purchasing something like this ahead of time.


What is the Power Joe Generator?

The Power Joe Generator is a portable solar power generator that can charge all of your phones, laptops, and tablets – including Kindles and E-Readers – while you’re out in nature on an adventure. The charger has a whopping 15,000mAh capacity that can charge three iPhones at full speed twice, or one iPad Air almost seven times!


This lightweight (1.5 pounds) gadget comes with waterproof panels, so even if you’re hiking in inclement weather, you won’t have to worry about water damage to sensitive electronics while they’re recharging. It also comes with three different adapters so you can charge any device you like from a variety of ports and charging types.


How does it work

The Power Joe generator is, basically, a battery-powered generator that you can use during power outages or camping trips to charge your devices. It doesn’t take much effort at all: just connect your device via USB and flip on a switch on top of The Power Joe for instant power.

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There’s also a solar panel included with The Power Joe that charges up its own battery when you’re using it outside in direct sunlight—it’s effectively a closed loop, so there are no extra parts required. And as an added bonus, if you’re looking for some music while camping (or powering your phone), there’s a built-in speaker!

The design is sturdy and we were happy to see how nicely made this product feels.

We were able to plug in two smartphones at once without any issues whatsoever; other outlets work as well.


Some downsides we found include the noise created by The Power Joe which was louder than most battery-operated generators and the lack of lights that would come on when plugged into an outlet (which might be nice in darker conditions).

All things considered, this is a great backup power source.


What Can I Use The Power Joe Generator For

The power joe generator is an all in one hand powered machine that can be used for a variety of different jobs. This generator was designed for use by homeowners and campers alike who do not have access to a traditional electrical source.


The pros of using the power joe generator over more traditional power generators are that they are more affordable, easy to use, and produce less noise than their larger counterparts. The versatility of being able to charge phones, lights, medical devices as well as providing backup electricity during emergencies makes them very popular amongst survivalists and preppers alike.


Can I use it with my current devices

The Power Joe uses 115-volt power, which means you can only use it with devices designed for that voltage. Even if you wanted to replace your home’s regular electric service with an independent power source, you’d have trouble doing so because many of today’s electronics are designed for 220 or 240 volts (or both).


However, most appliances—from vacuum cleaners and refrigerators to washing machines and even hair dryers—work just fine on 115 volts. So, if you do want a completely independent energy source for certain devices around your house, then yes, using a generator is a viable option.


What will be included with my purchase of a Power Joe Generator?

Depending on which model you get, you will be receiving a generator with a carrying case, at least one power cord, and two or more bonus power outlets. Most of their machines come in several different colors for you to choose from as well.


If you purchase their top of the line product however, you’ll also receive an all-inclusive guide for setting up and maintaining your generator as well as multiple other goodies that go along with it! All-in-all, every purchase will provide you with everything that is necessary for operating a fully functional generator. You don’t need anything else! The device itself is essentially ready to run when pulled out of its packaging and unpacked.


Get One Risk Free

Our biggest problem with The Power Joe is that you cannot actually try it without spending a hefty chunk of change. That being said, if you’re looking for a small device that can power just about anything, for an extended period of time, on no fuel (other than sunlight), then we say go for it!


It sounds too good to be true and we were skeptical at first but after researching for ourselves we were happy with our findings. It does use a little bit of water but nothing compared to gas generators or solar panels so there is no need for refills once in awhile unlike some other models out there. You won’t have to worry about harmful fumes either because this one has virtually zero emissions which is important when using indoors or close to residential areas.


When testing the generator we ran it all day long and had no problems whatsoever, not even when we tried turning it up all the way! In fact, there was no noise at all while running which was also a huge plus as many similar products make noise while running. Overall, I would recommend this product especially for anyone who wants a portable generator that works efficiently indoors and outdoors.




Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a generator that’s easy to install, quiet and energy efficient, we recommend checking out Power Joe. Although other generators do perform better in terms of power output, they cost twice as much or more than what you’d pay for a Power Joe generator, which can be bought online or at stores like Home Depot and Lowes.


We recommend starting with some of their smaller models first, like the model that can power three rooms and charge devices through its USB port for just under $800 USD – a great value if you’re looking for something small and affordable enough to only use during emergencies. If you have any questions about using our product reviews in your own marketing strategy, let us know!





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