Steam Deck Dock By Veetec3D Etsy Store

So this is a new one for us here at Robotechmobile. Generally, we deal with brands, you know, those who are trading on Amazon, or supply big box stores or e-comm websites, but for this video, we wanted to talk about Veetec3D, a small independent Etsy shop that was kind enough to send through one of their Steam Deck docks, more accurately, their Steam Deck dock that can be used with your own USB-C hub but more on that in a moment. Veetec3D do offer several docks, this one, which gives users the chance to choose their own USB-C dock, one which is supermini, if you’re just after a kickstand for the Deck, and finally one that’s supplied with a USB-C dongle, and has a nice neat slot on the back that holds the dongle itself. Prices do vary though, and the one that we were sent currently retails at £30.50 here in the UK, which I think in all honesty is an absolute steal.

The unit itself we have here has been fully 3D printed to hold the Steam Deck, and it comes delivered as one solid unit. There’s no real assembally needed, though there is a felt material that’s supplied for the base so it’s got a bit of extra grip while sitting on your desk or side unit, and it also comes with a snappy velcro type sticky pad so you can connect your dongle to the back. I’ve positioned mine vertically, which works for me as there is still enough room for all of my USB and HDMI inputs. The whole unit just looks and feels absolutely premium, and the aesthetics are wonderful if you’re looking for something neat and tidy to sit in your desk for your Steam Deck.

I know that there will be some of you that will mention the fact that the official Steam Deck dock has its inputs on the dock itself, but to be honest with you here, I’m not sure that it’s really needed. Sure, the official Steam Deck dock offers that convenience, but if you’re someone who carries their Steam Deck around and takes a dongle with them, then this just works as a place you can keep your Deck in your house. It also gives you the chance too to truly customise your experience with the types of USB-C hubs out there. If you need more USB ports, or needed power passthrough or card readers or Ethernet, or a USB Type-C input, then this unit here will be perfect. Just purchase whichever dongle you need, attach it to the back of the dock and away you go.

Also, I’d like to talk about the price too. Now as I said, these are retailing at £30.50 which I can tell you now will be cheaper than the official Steam Deck dock price. Not that I know the price of the official one, but I’m guessing £99.99 maybe £80 if we’re lucky. £50-60 for the USB hub, power delivery stuff, ethernet and all that kind of thing, and feature sets of similar USB-C dongles on the internet, and then Steam chucking on a premium because you’re buying the ‘Official Steam Deck Dock’ Of course, I’m speculating a bit here, it could be super surprising and be cheaper than that, but time will tell. Now, my dongle that I use with my Steam Deck cost me roughly £20, I can’t quite remember the full retail price. So for £50, I’ve got myself the dongle I wanted, and an extremely neat looking stand which I for one think is fantastic. And the Docks are available now on the Veetec3D Etsy shop. And better still, We’ve got a 10% discount offer at the link in the description too, so make sure you check that out if you want a dock for your newly purchased Steam Deck.

Thank you for checking out this video and a huge shoutout to Veetec3D for sending us this amazing dock. If you have any questions, make sure you leave them in the comments below, like this video is you liked it, and subscribe to keep up with more Steam Deck content coming in the future, as well as our other tech and gaming videos. Thanks a lot, and we’ll see you again very soon.





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