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  • How To Edit Memoji On iPhone – Easy Guide

    Using and sending Memoji is the new trend among Apple fanboys and girls. Memoji was first introduced in 2019 and since that time it has been a feature that makes messaging and chatting fun. With every iOS update, Apple keeps improving the Memoji character, by adding new styles, poses, and hairstyles, making it more purposeful. If you’re […]

  • How To Restart iPhone XR (quick steps)

    All iPhone models, not just the newer iOS version, appear challenging to inexperienced users to restart, or most are just persuaded that iPhone devices don’t restart at all. Restarting an iPhone device can be particularly challenging and tricky. When the iPhone freezes or the screen goes dark and won’t respond to commands, most people consider […]

  • iPhone 14 molds pop up online, revealing sizes and the four alleged models

    Slowly but surely, heat is starting to build up around the iPhone 14 lineup. Earlier this April, the same leaker who was first to share the new front design of Apple’s next flagship phone, ShrimpApplePro. Now, once again, ShrimpApplePro has come out with a major reveal, which in this case is a photo of allegedly all iPhone […]

  • 10 super-underrated phone features in 2022: Choosing a new iPhone or Android for the right reasons

    After putting together a list of the top overrated phone features that customers might fall for when buying a new device in 2022, I decided it’s only fair to follow up with a more positive take on the same story.   So, today we’re going through a list of those aspects of a phone that […]

  • iPhone 14 needs to fix the one thing I hate about the iPhone

    Charging with the Lightning port can be a real bummer There’s a lot I love about the iPhone, from its seamless blend of hardware and software to its top-performing cameras and well-stocked app store. But as much as I enjoy Apple’s phones — and I’ve been using one for all but one year of the […]

  • How to Record Call on iPhone Without App for Free

      Have you ever wanted to record a phone call without using an app? Well, now you can without any hassle! In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to record a phone call on your iPhone without using any app. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to record your phone […]

  • How to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android phones

    Introduction If you aren’t receiving texts from an Android phone, these troubleshooting tips could help. While iOS and Android generally play well together, sometimes they do have disagreements. One of the more common issues is iPhones not receiving texts from Android phones. In some cases, you may have trouble transferring files, sharing media, or receiving messages. However, most common […]

  • Stunning concepts envision iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16

    The iPhone 14 series might not be a groundbreaking upgrade over the iPhone 13, but the Pro models are highly likely to debut a new front design and feature a 48MP front camera. Throw in the changes that will seemingly be introduced with the final iOS 16 version, such as an always-on mode and possibly […]

  • Expert answers whether you should hold off on buying iPhone 14

    The iPhone 14 is now just a month away, and if you are wondering whether you should spring for the 2022 models or hold on to your current phone and wait it out until 2023 for the iPhone 15, a noted industry insider has weighed in on the question.   Apple, for whatever reasons, takes […]