The fixes are over: WhatsApp will make your life easier with its latest feature


The battle between Telegram and WhatsApp It’s been years in the making. The great devotees of Telegram defend that the application It has many more featureswhile the most classic maintain that WhatsApp is much more comfortable, since practically everyone has the application installed. WhatsApp is the one that has globalized to the beastbut it is true that Telegram has very interesting tools that Meta has not implemented in its popular messaging application.

However, just as reports WABetaInfothis time WhatsApp is going to “copy” one of the simplest (and most useful) features of Telegram, and oddly enough WhatsApp does not yet have integrated. It is about the ability to send messages to ourselves, which Telegram labels as “Saved Messages”. In WABetaInfo they have offered some captures of early versions of this functionand it seems very similar to the option of the competition, this time generating a special chat with yourself.

If you’re one of my kind, you’ll be happy with this new feature, since you most likely have a group (or several) with yourself that you use as an agenda. Whether to write down reminders, ideas or simply to store the shopping list, have a chat in which you can send messages to your future self it is something very usefuland it is incredible that WhatsApp has not implemented it before.

We can access these personal WhatsApp chats from any device

Right now the way most people create a private char is creating a group chat and kicking out the participants until you are alone. This method is obviously very inconvenient, and involves other users who have nothing to do with the process. With this new feature you can have that chat accessible at all times, and quickly send messages to refer to later. It may seem silly, but personally I think one of the best features that have been added in recent years, and it’s about time.

Soon you will be able to send messages to yourself

The interesting thing is that this new function is designed to be synchronized with all devices. If you use the WhatsApp app on another terminal, or WhatsApp Web, you can naturally access the messages shared with yourself. It doesn’t seem like a particularly difficult feature to integrate, so we shouldn’t take long to see it implemented on WhatsApp. At the moment, we do not have an official announcement from Meta or a date when the update will arrive.






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