Why Do I Need to Update Device Drivers? PC Maintenance

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So it’s ideal that you reset display driver to ascertain whether it’s the driver or your GPU. You may need to reset graphics driver when your system suddenly freezes, or the display locks up. As mentioned in the previous method, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver will reset it to the default configuration. If you prefer using commands to restart your Graphics Driver, you can do it using Windows PowerShell.

If your network is working perfectly fine, the last way you have at hand is to contact the Riot Support Center. Right-click the Riot gamesfolder and selectDelete. Once done, play a test game and see if Graphics Driver Crashed fix without any issues. Launch theValorant gameand openSettingsas done in the previous method.

Best Ways To Reinstall Audio Drivers On Windows 10/11

A Realtek HD Audio Driver runs the default audio driver for most computer users using Windows operating systems. Realtek HD Audio Manager is a tool used to control sound on desktop or laptop computers, and it’s the default option for Windows 10 systems. This audio driver comes packed with great features that produce fantastic sound results. However, even the most powerful tool may go wrong. Some users reported the Realtek HD Audio Manager missing from the taskbar issue while some other users were stuck in the Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working issue.

  • According to researchers, the “no audio” issue occurs mostly on Windows 10 OS based computer.
  • It’s also important to note that this will work with any graphics card you have, whether it’s NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc.
  • You should be good then and also make sure before doing these steps that you have driver enforcement disabled.
  • Most apps make it pretty easy to switch between cameras, but not all, and some updates seem to reset this for some apps, so I start a call, and it’s using the wrong camera.

Installation complete, please click to restart your PC and it’s all good to go. To check your RAM, simply remove all the RAM sticks except one and see if it fixes the problem. Repeat this until you have found the faulty RAM stick.

Head Mount Display Products

Please install a dedicated driver for your card”. No matter how powerful your GPU or how much video RAM you’ve got to spare, your graphics card is only as good as the drivers running it. Outdated or buggy software can result in crashes, laggy gameplay, reduced FPS, and low-quality graphics textures. Well, instead of following the steps mentioned above, you can also install a utility tool like Smart Driver Care which is one of the best driver updater software for Windows. Smart Driver Care automatically hunts your entire system to look for all sorts of outdated or missing drivers and updates them right away.


There are a few ways to repair Realtek HD Audio driver failure. If you are reinstalling the HD Audio Manager, you can download it from the Microsoft website. Tweak Library is a dedicated repository of information about technology.

Realtek, Realtek drivers, and the Realtek HD Audio Manager are not viruses or malware. Although this is the case, cyber criminals guise their tools as Realtek, knowing how crucial and widely used Realtek is. Only download Realtek products from reliable sources more tips here to avoid virus infection on your computer. Realtek’s High Definition Audio Manager is a tool used to control sound on desktop or laptop computers, and it’s the default option for Windows 10 systems.






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